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Ranking Member Bost Applauds House Passage of 19 Bipartisan Veterans’ Bills This Week

Today, Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, released the following statement after the House passed 19 veterans’ bills ahead of Memorial Day:

“I’m so glad that we were able to continue the bipartisan tradition of passing good bills to better serve veterans and their families, caregivers, and survivors before recognizing our fallen heroes on Memorial Day. The 19 bills the House voted on this week would improve the claims process for survivors of military sexual trauma, make VA’s patient advocate program more accessible, streamline the transfer of GI Bill benefits to veterans’ dependents, improve support for women veterans, and more,” said Ranking Member Bost. “I am especially happy that we passed my bill, the VA Principles of Benefits Automation Act. This bill will kick start the modernization of VBA’s IT systems to get veterans their benefits faster.”

The following bills were passed out of the House this week:

H.R. 7153 – VA Principles of Benefits Automation Act (Rep. Bost)
H.R. 5754 – Patient Advocate Tracker Act (Rep. McClain)
H.R. 6604 – Veterans Eligibility to Transfer School (VETS) Credit Act (Rep. Buchanan/Rep. Murphy)
H.R. 6064 – To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to seek to enter into an agreement with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for a review of examinations, furnished by the Secretary, to individuals who submit claims to the Secretary for compensation under chapter 11 of title 38, United States Code, for mental and physical conditions linked to military sexual trauma (Rep. Nehls)
H.R. 7500 – FY 2022 Veterans Affairs Major Medical Facility Authorization Act (Rep. Allred)
H.R. 6052 – VA OIG Training Act (Rep. Underwood)
H.R. 7375 – To direct the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to update the payment system of the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow for electronic fund transfer of educational assistance, administered by the Secretary, to a foreign institution of higher education (Rep. Sherrill)
H.R. 6376 – Student Veteran Work Study Modernization Act (Rep. Axne)
H.R. 5738 – Lactation Spaces for Veteran Moms Act, as amended (Rep. Luria)
H.R. 7335 – MST Claims Coordination Act (Rep. Luria)
H.R. 6961 – Dignity for MST Survivors Act, as amended (Rep. Mrvan)
H.R. 2724 – VA Peer Support Enhancement for MST Survivors Act, as amended (Rep. Delgado)
S. 2533 – Making Advances in Mammography and Medical Options for Veterans Act (Sen. Tester/Rep. Miller-Meeks)
S. 2102 – Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas SERVICE Act (Sen. Boozman/Rep. Miller-Meeks)
S. 2687 – Strengthening Oversight for Veterans Act of 2021 (Sen. Tester)
S. 4089 – Veterans Rapid Restraining Assistance Program Restoration and Recovery Act (Sen. Durbin)
S. 3527 – Authorizes VA to transfer the name of a VA facility when it was relocated (Sen. Tester)
S. 1760 – Designates the Oahu, Hawaii CBOC as the “Daniel Kahikina Akaka VA CBOC” (Sen. Hirono)
S. 2514 – Designates the Provo Veterans Center in Orem, Utah, as the “Col. Gail S. Halvorsen ‘Candy Bomber’ Veterans Center” (Sen. Lee)
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