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Homefront Heroes on Capitol Hill

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Washington, DC, December 7, 2012 | comments
Homefront Heroes—an internet TV show—profiles the lives of wounded warriors and their families as they adjust to life after combat.
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Chairman’s Corner

Homefront Heroes—an internet TV show—profiles the lives of wounded warriors and their families as they adjust to life after combat. Earlier this year Rep. Tim Walz, Rep. Tim Griffin, and I had the opportunity to sit down with the show’s producers and discuss many of the issues facing today’s wounded veterans. Having served on this Committee for over ten years, I have had the opportunity to work side-by-side with a substantial number of our wounded heroes. In my experience, there is no group of Americans more deserving of help from their fellow countrymen than those who were wounded as a result of their service to our nation. On the Committee, we take an active role in providing these veterans with a variety of ways to assist them on their road to recovery. The impact the government can make on their lives only extends so far however. I am a firm believer that the support they receive from outside of the government is as vital to their success as the work we do in the halls of Congress. I thank Mike Allen and his team from Homefront Heroes for giving us an opportunity to speak candidly about a topic that needs to always remain on the minds of all Americans.

Watch the segment from Homefront Heroes featuring Chairman Miller here.

Remembering a Generation

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. What momentarily appeared to be a crippling blow to the morale of this nation soon became a rallying cry as millions of Americans sprung into action in defense of freedom and democracy. The heroic response of the “Greatest Generation” changed the world forever, and although many of them are no longer with us, their contributions live on in our hearts.

Veterans Deserve Better

The Committee remains concerned with the direction of VA leadership with response to lavish conference spending over the past 4 years. The lack of transparency by the Administration to Congressional inquiries since August prompted this contentious hearing last week over accountability for Conference Spending.

Daughter of the Civil War

Very few living American’s have as much of a connection to the American Civil War as Juanita Tudor Lowrey. Lowrey, now in her late 80s is actually the daughter of a Civil War veteran. In a recent article Lowrey, reveals much about her father’s time in the war.  

Wounded Marine on the Silver Screen

Former Committee staffer and wounded Marine, Sgt. Johnny Jones, was given a unique opportunity when he was offered a small part in Steven Spielberg’s epic biopic “Lincoln.” Sgt. Jones, of Georgia, plays a wounded Union soldier who President Lincoln greets while the soldier is recovering at an Army hospital. To learn more about Sgt. Jones’ incredible recovery after stepping on an IED in 2010, click here.

Upcoming Dates

December 7: Pearl Harbor Day

December 8: Army-Navy Game

December 15: Wreaths Across America

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