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Samuel H. Foote

Samuel H. Foote, M.D., Retired Medical Director, Diamond Community-Based Outpatient Center, Phoenix VA Health Care System

Testimony of Samuel H. Foote M.D.
Death Reports by Source

44 on the Secret non-reporting Electronic Waiting list
39 from the Schedule an Appointment with Primary Care Consults
41 Backlog never completed
12 expired on AW Backlog
17 House Veterans Affairs Committee                                          
28 on the New Enrollee Appointment Request List    
21 OIG Hotline calls
8 Media reports
74 suicides
4 Urology
3 Helpline
1 paper wait list
1 institutional disclosure
293 Total deaths

My original allegation was that up to 40 Veterans may have died while waiting for care at the Phoenix VA.  The two sources that we were looking at were the Secret non-reporting Electronic Waiting List and the Schedule an Appointment with Primary Care Consults.   As you can see from the above, the actual number from those two sources was 83, more than double my original estimate and nowhere close to the 293 total deaths.  Primarily, it appears from the report that reviews were done on the VA’s Electronic Health Records.  One can imagine that it would be very difficult to determine what actually happened on patients trying to get into the system who died prior to being seen.