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Curtis Chambers

Curtis Chambers, Veteran

U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Veterans’ Affairs
Honorable Chairman and all attending members:
My name is Curtis P. Chambers, I am honored to appear before you today, and I am equally honored to be seated with these great Tribal Leaders.  I am an Ottawa Indian and Navy Veteran, my father was a Navy Veteran, and two of my sons are Navy Veterans.  We were all honored to serve this great nation as members of the greatest Navy this world has ever seen.  I would like to speak with you today about the need for transportation services, telehealth, and non-VA care.
I have had the unfortunate opportunity to deal with our present system and regaling you with the failings would take more time than we have allotted today. Such as an eighteen month waiting period for an existing problem one of my sons had, or travel records being lost not once, not twice, but three and four times… and much more.  I would however prefer to focus on the positive and possible fixes to the problems facing us today.
1.    Non-VA health care, why can’t we just use our present Doctors and health care providers and then send the bill to the V.A.
2.    Some of our health concerns and questions could probably be answered via skype and some other such device which could be done at various VA Clinics
3.    The above ideas will both decrease travel expenses.
I my experience, the actual care our veterans receive is outstanding however, the paper work and bureaucracy are mind numbing.  
Mister Chairman, I am just a stump jumping half breed from Northern Michigan and I realize that the devil is in the details but I’m sure that by working together we can supply the Veterans of the greatest Military on earth the greatest health care on earth.
I would like to thank Congressman Benishek and everyone involved in the efforts to improve our present VA care system.


Curtis P. Chambers