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Chris Lambert

Chris Lambert, Veteran, Citrus Heights, CA

I will be stating a brief history of World War 1 to my experience in Vietnam. I will also have a picture board showing the convenience of VA facilities versus Vet CError! Hyperlink reference not valid. will further discuss the vets fears and Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. which have been eased by their experiences at the Vet Centers and/or VA hospitals..

There will also be a picture board showing me from before and after military service that will show the visual aftermath of combat trauma as seen especially my eyes and my combat comrads.

Chris will focus on what is perceive as a "Cookie-cutter Treatment" that has been Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. at the VA versus personal attention received at the Vet Center.  How can one assign a general accepted number of number to an individual???

Closing will be with a short poem that encompasses all the above information for those previously served veterans, and those in our future.


Chris Lambert Jr.

Combat Veteran