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Mr. Daniel Horodysky

Mr. Daniel Horodysky, U.S. Maritime Service Veterans, Chief Executive Officer

My name is Daniel Horodysky. I am the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Maritime Service Veterans. The U.S. Maritime Service (USMS) was the official U.S. Government training organization of the U.S. Merchant Marine (USMM) under the Merchant Marine Act of 1936. The U.S. Maritime Service is the Unknown Service.

Training began in 1938 much before World War II started. It was because of the wisdom of President Franklin D. Roosevelt based on his experience in World War I when he was Assistant U.S. Navy Secretary in charge of convoys to Britain, and the growing threat of Germany under Hitler in the 1930’s. If it were not for FDR’s preparation we may not be having this Hearing.

The most important battle of WWII was the Battle of the Atlantic. If that were lost Hitler may have been successful in the planned invasion of Great Britain, the British and its Commonwealth countries Navies would have been neutralized AND there would have been no D-Day!

The winners and losers of the Battle of the Atlantic were the mariners of the U.S. Merchant Marine and Merchant Navies of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and many others. These brave mariners kept going despite the tremendous losses of personnel, vessels, and cargoes.  - - Think about that.

The USMS and the USMM were the ONLY integrated WWII Armed Forces! Word went out in African-American communities that young men, as myself, were lured into the USMS and USMM by the patriotic spirit pounded out by radio, newspaper ads, recruiting buses, posters such as Join the Fighting Merchant Marine, and by word of mouth. There were 37 USMS recruiting stations. However, in addition, all the U.S. Navy (USN) and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) recruiting sent innocent, gullible young men to the USMS, telling them to take that training and that their service was needed in the USMM. Many thousands took that advice.  See and  USN and USCG officers and men trained us in apprentice and advanced positions, gunnery, etc. A USN Captain was the Superintendent of the huge Sheepshead Bay, N.Y. Training Station.  We marched and drilled in uniforms as in any USN or USCG training station.   

Little did we realize at the time that we were deceived, lied to, and screwed by the government!  

We have been & may still be defeated again by our insidious enemy – IGNORANCE.