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Charles R. Hosmer

Charles R. Hosmer, Laguna Niguel, CA

Laguna Niguel, CA
September 21, 2010 

House Committee on Veteran Affairs – Economic

Dear Chairwoman Herseth Sandlin:

Kindly accept the attached statement for your upcoming hearing on September 29, 2010.  I had expressed an interest in addressing your committee, but the statement should address my initial concerns.  VEVRAA is unknown to the employed veteran at the many Federal contractors I have checked with.  I have been working closely with the OFCCP for over three years on my claim and bring these observations as a veteran from outside the DOL.  I am very pleased with the change I have seen at the OFCCP with the new administration and look forward to the prompt completion of my case. 

Sixty other veterans have learned of my efforts and now wish to be considered by the OFCCP.  The veterans are from eight different contractors and I have checked other contractors with the same negative result as to awareness of VEVRAA in the field.  The OFCCP has accepted their names for investigation.  It is not my place or proper for my case to be vetted through your committee and that is not my desire.  I am trying to highlight the lack of awareness I have found that surrounds this most important law.  I am ready to accuse the contractors of fraud by taking taxpayer funds for a program they do not provide.  The paperwork, posters, and VET-100, -100A, reports are all there along with the Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) which is required.  However, the veteran is unaware and derives no benefit.  This is where the rubber hits the road, or is suppose to.

I have talked with the Cal-Vets people in my home state of California… they were unaware of VEVRAA and its extension to current veterans.  I have talked with IAVA – Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America… they were unaware of VEVRAA and its extension to their veterans.  While the VVA and Mr. Rick Weidman are certainly aware of VEVRAA, he reports that Secretary of Veteran Affairs General Eric Shinseki was unaware.  Mr. Weidman has been one of my biggest supporters in my efforts to publicize this earned benefit for veterans.  Please help veterans learn of this law.  Contractors have done zero to help when we have asked for the affirmative action in their AAP’s.

I was granted a long meeting with Chairman Bob Filner in July and he has written letters on my behalf.  We are waiting for replies.  I am not his constituent, but he was willing to help a veteran and I am very appreciative.  He is certainly aware of VEVRAA.

Unfortunately, the previous administration forced me and other veterans out of the country if we wanted to pursue our longtime career in 2007.  I now work as an international B-777 captain for Air India flying revenue passengers, the same position I held at American Airlines.  I can best be reached by e-mail at  I will return e-mails and calls from wherever I am and have been in contact with Ms. Orfa Torres in your office.  Please contact me if you require any further input as I would like to help.  With notice, I can make myself available in Washington.  Thank you.


Charles R. Hosmer