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John F. Morgan, President/Chief Executive Officer, Veterans of Modern Warfare

Good Morning Mr. Chairman and Distinguished Member of this Committee.

Thank you for inviting Veterans of Modern Warfare to address you today.

As you know the national unemployment level is over 9 percent. Among Veterans, especially this generation of Veterans it's even higher.

House Resolutions 169,1941 and 2433 are examples of our governments understanding and appreciation of our service to this country. Through these bills either the continuation of good programs or the mandating of specific provisions of established programs will help Veterans entering the private sector. Through the TAP program and or other programs in these bills, the Department of Labor will provide to the returning Veteran the support and training programs necessary to reinstitute their place in society. Through tax incentives, employers will be incentivized to hire and train this generation of returning Warriors.

Veterans of Modern Warfare applauds the sponsors of these bills. A great deal of publicity has been shed on the 21st Century 911 GI bill. Which is a wonderful piece of legalization. Unfortunately, as you know, not every Veteran is a candidate or has the desire to attend a four year college. The passage of House Resolutions 169, 1941 and 2433 will reassure and support this generation of Veterans returning to our society.

Veterans of Modern Warfare thank and encourage our Legislators to continue sponsoring bills that remind Veterans and America, that their sacrifices and service is appreciated now and forever in the hearts and minds of our country.

"A country that doesn't stand by it's Veterans, will one day fall, for lack of the Veteran"


Joseph F. Morgan
President/Chief Executive Officer