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Hon. John T. Salazar, a Representative in Congress from the State of Colorado

Good morning Chairman Michaud, Ranking Member Miller and distinguished members of this subcommittee.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to discuss the impact that PTSD is having on our returning troops, veterans and their families.

I look forward to hearing the testimony of the experts that join us today.

I thank them for their dedication to our servicemen and women.

An important part of our discussion today will be to hear about the research on PTSD cases in Vietnam and OEF/OIF soldiers.

It is important to look at these two individually and in comparison to one another.

I also look forward to hearing about the research done on exposure therapy.

Innovative and new treatments are essential to the health of our veterans and our current force.

Our Veterans deserve to know that once they leave the battlefield and return home, we have programs in place to care for them.

Mr. Chairman, I thank you and the members of this committee for giving us the opportunity to discuss construction authorizations.