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Hon. Jeff Miller, a Representative in Congress from the State of Florida (Statement for the Record)

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

It is abundantly clear how prevalent the issue of mental health is with not only veterans returning from the Global War on Terror.  This committee has given a great amount of attention to traumatic brain injury, but equally serious is post-traumatic stress disorder. 

PTSD has proven to be as dangerous an enemy as any; there is no one specific symptom defining it.  It can derive from a range of causes, and the disorder itself can act itself out in a range of manners.  On top of that, a veteran might not know that he or she has it, and therefore not seek treatment.  While the medical community strives to diagnose PTSD among our active and former servicemembers as early and accurately as possible, it must be understood that it is still a developing science. 

I look forward to today’s testimony and the input the panel members will provide.  This committee remains dedicated to seeing that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs provides the best treatment possible to those in need.