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Hon. Doug Lamborn, a Representative in Congress from the State of Colorado

Thank you Mr. Chairman and I thank you for holding this hearing and I thank our colleagues from the Senate in joining us this morning.

I want to thank you Commander Barton for your service to our nation and for you testimony this morning.  I would also like to welcome my fellow Coloradans who have joined us here today including:  Mr. Robert Villegas, Department of Colorado Commander, Mr. Chuck Dickerson, Sr. Vice-Commander, and Mr. John Ognie, PDC & VAVS State Chairman. 

 As many of you know I am a new member to this Committee and I have enjoyed learning about the Disabled American Veterans Organization. From their programs on active duty transition services to their well known and effective National Service Officers, members of DAV are integral and important advocates for veterans everywhere.

I am especially impressed with their work in rural areas of the country like my district in Colorado.  DAV’s voluntary truck donation program has helped transport thousands of veterans to their medical appointments that would have had a difficult time in attaining transportation.  This is wonderful program and I am look forward to its continued expansion.

I thank you Commander for you service and I look forward to learning the legislative priorities of your membership.  Thank you Mr. Chairman and I yield back.