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Apr 17, 2012

Despite repeated requests made to the President and Secretary of Veterans Affairs over the past six months, I have not received any assurance—and more important, nor have our veterans—that these cuts will not take place." —Chairman Jeff Miller

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At Stake

As a result of the Budget Control Act of 2011, veterans healthcare may be impacted by sequestration in January 2013. These cuts would equate to up to a 2% cut to VA healthcare. A 2% cut would potentially affect a veteran's ability to receive healthcare in a timely manner, affect VA's ability to hire and retain doctors and nurses, and impact VA's ability to acquire needed medical equipment and supplies, including prescription drugs.

In response to a lack of an answer from the Administration to clarify the law and rule in favor of America's veterans, Chairman Jeff Miller has introduced H.R. 3895, the Protect VA Healthcare Act of 2012 to ensure that funding for America's veterans are not cut—today, or in the future. 

Our veterans protected us, it is time for us to protect them.

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About H.R. 3895

Stay Up-to-Date

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs will continue to lead on this issue, and will keep veterans informed here at Veterans.House.Gov/3895, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at, hashtags:

  • #HR3895SaveVetsHealthcare
  • #SaveVetsHealthcare
  • #HR3895ProtectOurVets
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