September 22, 2020

House Unanimously Passes Six Bipartisan Bills for Veterans

Press Contact

Jenni Geurink (202-819-4684)

Miguel R. Salazar 

WASHINGTON, D.C— Today, the House of Representatives unanimously passed all six bipartisan bills brought to the floor by the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. This legislation will update VA’s exclusionary motto, eliminate VA copayments for native veterans that never should have been charged, and hold VA leadership accountable for the needed fixes to VA’s financial systems. 


A full list of bills passed can be found below: 


  1. H.R. 3010- Honoring All Veterans Act (Rice, Mast): directs VA to modify its current exclusionary motto to recognize the service of women and LGBTQ veterans throughout our country’s history.

  2. H.R. 4908 - Native American PACT Act, as amended (Gallego)prohibits VA from collecting a copayment from any veteran who is a member of a tribe-- copays that never should have happened because of US treaty obligations to native people. 

  3. H.R. 6589 - Department of Veterans Affairs Chief Financial Officer Authority and Collaboration Act of 2020, as amended (Lee)holds VA leadership accountable in their efforts to fix VA’s financial system that sometimes leaves VA vulnerable to risk and bad financial decisions.

  4. H.R. 3228 - VA Mission Telehealth Clarification Act, as amended (Carter)corrects an error in the MISSION Act by allowing VA trainees to use the telemedicine system.

  5. H.R. 6092 - Veteran's Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Actas amended (Cunningham, Dunn)creates a standardized clinical pathway for prostate cancer detection and treatment for veterans at VA.

  6. H.R. 7795 - Veterans Benefits Fairness and Transparency Act of 2020 (Luria, Barr)protects veterans applying for VA disability benefits by requiring the VA to maintain availability of disability benefits questionnaires (DBQs) on the VA website.