May 08, 2020

Chairman Takano Responds to Rise in Veteran Unemployment to Nearly 12 Percent

Press Contact

Jenni Geurink (202-819-4684)


RIVERSIDE, CA – Today, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Mark Takano (D-Calif.) made the following statement after the announcement that April’s veteran unemployment numbers rose to nearly twelve percent.


"The COVID-19 crisis has seriously impacted our country’s economy and laid bare that our veterans are not immune to this financial instability. As unemployment numbers have skyrocketed nationwide, veterans have been hit hard as well, and this month veteran unemployment soared to nearly 12 percent.

 “Our nation must ensure veterans can pay their bills, afford their rent or mortgage, and have access to high-quality, timely healthcare and lifesaving mental health care. In order to stymie the economic consequences of this pandemic, and guarantee long-term recovery, we must continue to work to provide liquidity and support for small business while boosting spending for social safety programs like TANF and unemployment. We also have to ensure that veterans continue to have opportunities to access the job training and quality education that make them qualified employees and entrepreneurs.

 “Agencies and industries that heavily employee veterans, like the US Postal Service and manufacturing, must be protected. As we work on congressional relief in response to this crisis, I will strongly advocate for programs that continue to employ our nation’s veterans. "


For more information about the Committee’s efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis and resources for available for veterans, please visit: