May 05, 2020

Chairman Takano Meets with VFW Executive Director B.J. Lawrence to Discuss the Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Veterans

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Jenni Geurink (202-819-4684)

Miguel R. Salazar

RIVERSIDE, CA – Last week, House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Chairman Mark Takano (D-Calif.) spoke with Vincent “B.J.” Lawrence, the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ (VFW) Executive Director, to discuss how their members are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns regarding this crisis’ economic impact on veterans and their families. See the full conversation with the Veterans of Foreign Wars here


Watch the full conversation here.

“The VFW’s been a strong partner in anticipating the needs of veterans, doing all that we can to get VA to adapt to this crisis, and passing the legislation and funding needed to support our veterans.” said Chairman Mark Takano. “Staying home and being isolated is not something we like and it’s not natural for us--but what is ingrained in us as Americans is a sense of sacrifice and service to our nation. I know your members have been doing that, and your chapters have been answering the call—delivering food and caring for their communities. This is the pride of our country, that sense of service. So I want to extend my deep gratitude to all of your VFW members for what they’re doing for our country. I certainly appreciate you being here with us B.J.”

“As you know, Mr. Chairman, a lot of our veterans are financially strapped, and we have a lot of veterans who are out of work. The unemployment rates are higher than we’ve ever seen and continue to rise. It’s still our strong belief that Congress, the VA, and the Veterans Service Organizations need to remain one team in taking care of our nation’s veterans, our military, and their families,” said VFW Executive Director B.J. Lawrence. “I have all the faith that we will continue that mission. The VFW’s resilient, we’ve been around since 1899, and we’re going to continue taking care of those veterans and doing what we do. I’m hopeful that there will be a lot of lessons learned, and we’ll all be stronger because of it. I want to thank you and the Committee for all the work that you do in taking care of our veterans and military.”

For more information about the Committee’s efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis and resources for available for veterans, please visit: