VA Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Expansion and Impact

Subcommittee on Technology Modernization; Subcommittee on Health

Date: 06.23.20

Location: House Visitors Center 210

On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Subcommittee on Technology Modernization and Subcommittee on Health will meet in an open session to conduct an oversight hearing entitled, “VA Telehealth During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Expansion and Impact”. The hearing will review VA’s telehealth activities during the COVID-19 pandemic response.

This hearing will be livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook.


Panel I:

Dr. Jennifer MacDonald
Chief Consultant to the Deputy Undersecretary for Health
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
(Lead Witness)


Mr. Jack Galvin
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for IT Development Security Operations
Office of Information Technology (OIT)


Dr. Neil Evans
Chief Officer, Office of Connected Care
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)


Dr. Kevin Galpin
Executive Director, Telehealth Services, Office of Connected Care
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)


Panel 2:

Tammy Barlet

Associate Director, National Legislative Services

Veterans of Foreign Wars


Marquis Barefield

Assistant National Legislative Director

Disabled Veterans of America


Lindsay Church
Co-Founder/Executive Director

Minority Veterans of America


Chief William Smith
Vice Chairperson, National Indian Health Board

Valdez Tribe of Alaska