Reviewing President Biden’s Strategy to Reduce Veteran Suicide by Addressing Economic Risk Factors

Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity

Date: 06.15.22

Location: House Visitors Center Room 210 Hybrid

Presiding: Chair Mike Levin

On Wednesday June 15, the Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity will hold a hearing entitled, "Reviewing President Biden’s Strategy to Reduce Veteran Suicide by Addressing Economic Risk Factors."

Witness List

Panel 1 

Dr. Susan L. Black, DSW, LCSW-C, BCD 

VBA National Suicide Prevention Officer 

Veterans Benefits Administration 

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 


Accompanied by: 

Dr. Matthew A. Miller, PhD, MPH 

Executive Director, Suicide Prevention; Acting Executive Director, PREVENTS 

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs 


Dr. Christopher Jones, PharmD, DrPH, MPH, CAPT, US Public Health Service 

Acting Director of National Center for Injury Prevention and Control 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 


Ms. Peggy Bailey 

 Senior Advisor to the Secretary 

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development 


Mr. James Rodriguez 

Assistant Secretary, Veterans Employment and Training Services 

U.S.  Department of Labor 


Panel 2 

Dr. Laura Otis-Miles 

Senior Vice President 

Mental Health Systems/Courage to Call 


Mr. Nick Armstrong 

Managing Director, Research and Data 

Syracuse University Institute for Military and Veteran Families 


Ms. Joy Illem 

National Legislative Director  

Disabled American Veterans 


Ms. Betsey Mercado 

Co-Founder & Executive Director 

Objective Zero  


Ms. Judy Clausen 

Deputy Chair of the Legislative Advocacy Committee 

 National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium 


Ms. Emily DeVito 

Associate Director, National Legislative Service 

Veterans of Foreign Wars 


This hearing will be livestreamed on Youtube and you can find all hearing documents on the Committee Repository here.