Subcommittee on Health Legislative Hearing

Subcommittee on Health

Date: 04.15.21

Location: Fully Virtual

Presiding: Chair Julia Brownley

The Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing entitled "Legislative Hearing on: H.R. 234, Korean American VALOR Act; H.R. 344, Women Veterans TRUST Act; H.R. 958, Protecting Moms Who Served Act; H.R. 1448, PAWS for Veterans Therapy Act; H.R. 1510, Veterans’ Camera Reporting Act; and H.R. 2093, Veterans and Family Information Act; H.R. 2441, the Sgt. Ketchum Rural Veterans Mental Health Act of 2021; a discussion draft of the DOULA for VA Act; and a discussion draft to clarify the role of doctors of podiatric medicine in the Department of Veterans Affairs."

This meeting will be livestreamed on Youtube and Facebook

Witness List

Panel 1


The Honorable Mark Takano

U.S. House of Representatives

41st District; California


The Honorable Lauren Underwood

U.S. House of Representatives

14th District; Illinois


The Honorable Steve Stivers

U.S. House of Representatives

15th District; Ohio


The Honorable Hakeem Jeffries

U.S. House of Representatives

8th District; New York


The Honorable Cynthia Axne

U.S. House of Representatives

3rd District; Iowa


The Honorable Brenda Lawrence

U.S. House of Representatives

14th District; Michigan


The Honorable Brad Wenstrup

U.S. House of Representatives

2nd District; Ohio



Panel 2


Mr. Marquis Barefield

Assistant National Legislative Director

Disabled American Veterans (DAV)


Mr. Brian Dempsey

Government Affairs Director

Wounded Warrior Project (WWP)


Ms. Lindsay Church

Executive Director/ Co-Founder

Minority Veterans of America (MVA)


Panel 3


Dr. Clifford A. Smith

Director, Analytics, Innovations and Collaborations

Veterans Health Administration

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Accompanied by:


Dr. Amanda Johnson

Director, Women’s Reproductive Health

Veterans Health Administration

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs



Statements for the Record


The Honorable David McKinley

U.S. House of Representatives

1st District; West Virginia




Nestlé Purina PetCare




Korean-American Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America


Paralyzed Veterans of America


American Podiatric Medical Association


Veterans of Foreign Wars