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Aug 27, 2012 | ABC PENSACOLA

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Representative Jeff Miller paid a visit to the Jobs Plus One-Stop Center in Fort Walton Beach on Thursday. The Congressman asked for the the tour, as part of an effort to improve services for job seekers.


Investigation probes VA expenses at Orlando conferences

Did the Department of Veterans Affairs overspend – and waste taxpayer dollars -- last summer when it paid $5 million for two training conferences in Orlando?

Aug 27, 2012 | FEDERAL TIMES

$52,000 video shown at VA conferences

The Veterans Affairs Department paid $52,000 to produce a video parodying the war movie “Patton” that was shown at two training conferences last year. The spending and contracting associated with the two conferences — which had a combined price tag of $5 million — are now subject of an inspector general’s investigation.

Aug 27, 2012 | HUMAN EVENTS

Embattled Veterans Affairs spends $52,000 for joke videos (HUMAN

It turns out the General Services Administration isn’t the only government agency throwing opulent events on the taxpayer’s dime. Expenditures at two conferences held in Orlando last year for Human Resources employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs totaled up to $9 million, according to an investigation by the House Veterans Affairs Committee. Among these expenditures were $84,000 for branded promotional items, such as pens, $3,000 for two event photographers, and a whopping $52,000 to produce a pair of eight-minute videos spoofing the film “Patton” that were shown at the conferences. The videos, provided by the committee, are below.


The GSA starts to look pedestrian

Ever since news broke earlier this year about the General Services Administration spending $823,000 on a conference in Las Vegas, we have wondered whether this was just a GSA thing, or were there other examples of large amounts of travel spending elsewhere in the federal government.