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May 30, 2011 |, By Rep. Gus Bilirakis

Remember Their Full Devotion

Families and communities across the country gather on Memorial Day to barbecue or hang out by the swimming pool. This year, I hope they also remember those who have given the last full measure of devotion on the field of battle in defense of their country and in support of our nation's greatest gift: freedom.

May 30, 2011 |, By Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle and Others Share Thoughts on Memorial Day

On the 40th anniversary of D-Day, President Ronald Reagan stood on the cliffs of Normandy and asked the veterans of Pointe du Hoc the question, “Why?” Why did they take those cliffs? Why did they ignore their “instinct for self-preservation”?

May 30, 2011 |, by Rep. Bill Flores

Indebted to Those Who Serve Us

This Memorial Day weekend, Americans honor and remember those who have given their lives in service to protect our exceptional nation. As we pay tribute to the brave men and women who have died for our freedom, we also honor those defending our liberties around the world today.

May 30, 2011 | National Review Online, by Chairman Jeff Miller

Honor and Remember

In this century alone — from the world wars to Korea, and from Vietnam to the First Gulf War, Bosnia, and today’s Global War on Terror — millions of Americans have signed up to protect this nation, and hundreds of thousands have fallen in her name. And yet, it is always one life that resonates with us on Memorial Day. One story that everyone in one town somewhere in America knows. One man or woman we honor and remember, because he or she made the ultimate sacrifice.